Senmer News Wire: Restart Energy Welcomes Susaye Greene As Project Ambassador

(Senmer News Wire) Restart Energy, the fastest-growing European energy provider, which is building a blockchain-based energy ecosystem, has announced that American singer-songwriter Susaye Greene became the company’s Project Ambassador.

Susaye Greene’s distinguished career in music industry, including R&B, pop, and dance-pop genres, in the 70-s and 80s was a great success. She was the last member to join the famous Motown girl group The Supremes. Susaye Greene sang together with such renowned American musicians as Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. Her last album Brave News Shoes has won international acclaim for her excellent performance.

Along with art and music, Susaye Greene has been an ardent supporter for STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). She regards STEM to be of the utmost importance because of the role these subjects play in shaping society and the immense impact they have on the learning process. Recently, Susaye Greene was an advisor to the only Canadian team competing in Google Lunar XPrize, a 30-million-dollar prize contest, last year.

Greene has tremendous passion for the environment and renewable energy; she finds her vision aligned with Restart Energy’s project goals, which aim to create an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable way of meeting future global energy demand. The use of blockchain technology and RED MWAT tokens to facilitate this are particularly of interest.

“I am very happy to join RED Energy Team as Project Ambassador. I have been very passionate about renewable energy and its capacities to bring sustainable energy to millions on our planet. Blockchain technology, which RED Energy is using in its operations, has the potential to fundamentally transform the modern energy grids and entirely disrupt the existing old and inefficient energy market,” said Restart Energy Ambassador Susaye Greene.

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Restart Energy is preparing to launch its ICO and introduce its blockchain energy trading platform known as Restart Energy Democracy, or RED. The ecosystem will be a world-first, as it is the only blockchain energy solution designed to work with existing laws and regulations. Its distinct feature lies in a technological breakthrough of the way the energy is bought, sold, and consumed using Big Data, IoT, AI, and blockchain.

Blockchain technology makes it possible for energy networks to be controlled through smart contracts, and customers therefore have the option to pay for energy using cryptocurrencies. Due to elimination of intermediaries, greater transparency and flexibility, and lower transactions costs, energy prices are significantly decreased for consumers. Besides that, blockchain technology also provides the basis for transparent control of metering, billing and clearing processes.

RED (Restart Energy Democracy) is a blockchain powered platform backed by Restart Group, a European energy provider with $20 million in revenues. The company was built with a view to democratize the energy sector and quash the dominance of legacy monopolies in the energy world. The company’s credentials include 400% growth since 2016 and a customer base of 27,000 household and 3,000 corporate clients, expanding at more than 2,000 clients per month.

Restart Energy is developing the world’s first peer-to-peer, fully decentralized energy transfer platform based on its proprietary virtual balancing system that uses A.I, Big Data, and IoT technologies. The RED ecosystem is comprised of the RED-Platform, RED-Franchise and RED-MWAT Tokens. RED-MWAT are crypto tokens that enable virtual storage of electricity and will facilitate the development of clean affordable energy.

Contact: Max Smetannikov, Nona Perez, MVG for Restart Energy, +1 646 205 7030,

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Senmer News Wire: Korea Auto Trade Center, Spurring on the creation of ’24-hour Automobile Distribution’

(Senmer News Wire) The Daejeon Automobile Distribution Complex Co,. Ltd. won the 2017 “Proud Corporation Award” awarded by the Korea Broadcasting News Association, and the award of “Kyung-tae Cho, the Chairman of the Strategy and Finance Committee at the National Assembly ”.

Daejeon Automobile Distribution Complex is spurring to create the ‘Korea Auto Trade Center(KATC), the first 24-hour automobile sales and distribution complex in Korea. The KATC will be located in the South Daejeon Logistics Distribution Complex of Namdaejeon IC in Daejeon-si. It will be built on the ground of 30,319m² with one underground floor and seven ground floors. It is expected to be the largest automobile distribution complex as a single building in Korea.

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6600 cars will be exhibited on all floors and a garden-type office building with 90 rooms will be created. In addition, it is operated as a member-only system in Korea for the first time and an auction site will be set up for buying and selling. The Daejeon Automobile Distribution Complex planning to complete the solar power generation system.

The construction review of the KATC has been authorized. Investment attraction has also been completed. It is expected to contribute greatly to the job creation of Daejeon and Chungnam area as well as the development of local industry upon the completion of the at the end of September 2018.

Chosun Ilbo Reporter Ha Ji Soo

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Senmer News Wire: Honma Golf, Riding high in Asia such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc

(Senmer News Wire) Honma Golf Co., Ltd., which has led the market of high-quality golf clubs based on the skill of Japanese artisans, won the 2017 Global Power Brand Award (GPBA) and the award of “Sang-jin Shin, the Chairman of the Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Committee at the National Assembly“.

Honma Golf, established in 1958, has found fame since the 1970s. They have started to gain popularity because professional golfers showed good performance using Honma Golf products. Since then, it has gained sensational popularity in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries.

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Behind the popularity of the products, there are many people’s hidden efforts. Every year, at the Honma Golf Research Center in Yamagata Province, Japan, famous Korean professional golfers and 30 Honma golf researchers conduct tests for new product development. Golf clubs are made based on accumulated data.

Their top-selling golf clubs include Hiro Honma, Twin Mark, LB series, Tour World and BERES. In the Honma BERES series ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars, the ARMRQ shaft equipped in Honma BERES boasts the world’s top-notch technology. It is the first in the world to produce the shaft internal structure in 8 axes, so that the shaft is bent when swinging, and the restoring force of the head is superior. This increases the speed of the head and improves the ball’s direction, which helps to increase the driving distance.

“Next year, Honma Golf will be launching the BERES 06 series and Be ZEAL 535 series, the Honma Golf’s premium product equipped with 10-axis shaft as well as” said Honma Golf official.

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Senmer News Wire: The INFINITY Gold Nugget Pen Sparks a Gold Rush Stampede – The World’s First Collectors Pen to Offer a Real Alaskan Gold Nugget and Custom Laser Engraved Titanium Finish

(Senmer News Wire) INFINITY has sourced Alaskan gold and left it completely unchanged from the way it comes out of the ground right through to the nugget encapsulated in every writing instrument. Each pen is therefore one-of-a-kind and a reminder of the spirit of adventure that built so many great cities across America.

Bath, United Kingdom, December 9, 2017, INFINITY has once again astonished the collector pen industry with their release of the World’s first and only writing instrument to contain a piece of history……. an actual Gold Nugget direct from Alaskan soil. This precision pen series is in celebration of the country’s early days of pioneering and entrepreneurship. Featuring a small unprocessed nugget of Alaskan gold encased in clear resin. The Gold Nugget Series also includes another world’s first ……. a Custom Laser Engraved Titanium Finish Pen. This new series proudly joins the INFINITY Meteorite Pen Series, a runaway success on Kickstarter.

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For the discerning individual who only accepts the very best, INFINITY pens have become the standard of excellence in the world of collector’s writing instruments. Each pen is truly unique and increases in value as soon as it is acquired. They are available in several versions: Fountain, Roller and Mechanical Pencil. The INFINITY Gold Rush Titanium Series is the epitome of fine collector’s luxury pens with the buyer having the choice of customized laser engraving. The Infinity Gold Nugget pen is likely to be a must-have for fans of “Gold Rush” – currently the most-watched TV series in the United States.

Fresh off the success of the INFINITY Meteorite Pen, the Gold Rush Collection is currently being featured on The Pen from Space – was funded inside of 12 hours and was able to easily secure 493 backers and has gone on to deliver thousands of pens across the globe. INFINITY’s Pen From Space went on to be selected by the WSF (World Science Festival) to be presented to over four hundred of the world’s top scientists and luminaries at their 2017 Gala Event in New York.

Great perks await early backers of this historic collector’s pen series. Crowdfunding is a great way to bring such high-quality writing instruments to the consumer at prices that are more than reasonable for the quality and uniqueness offered.

For complete information, please visit: The INFINITY Gold Rush Kickstarter Campaign

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Senmer News Wire: Chunbu Construction, Based on excellent technology and expertise Becoming a global construction company

(Senmer News Wire) Chunbu Construction Co., Ltd., a local company in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, is leaping to become a global construction company based on its excellent technology.

Chunbu Construction Co., Ltd., which won the 2017 Global Power Brand Award (GPBA) and the award of “Kyung-tae Cho, the Chairman of the Strategy and Finance Committee at the National Assembly”, is a professional construction company established by Chung-kyeom Kim, CEO, in 1994. The chemical plant and power plant business are the main fields of expertise, securing specialized expertise in civil engineering, reinforced concrete construction, machinery, and facilities.

Their technology is recognized in the world stage. They have completed a partial ordering of the natural gas processing plant contracted by the government of Uzbekistan, Lotte Chemical and Korea Gas Corporation, and We are pushing for RMC factory and confectionery factory in Sudan.

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In addition to this, the industrial complex development project is underway in African countries such as Sudan, and Oceanian nations such as Papua New Guinea. Especially in Papua New Guinea, 32kW construction of power generation facilities ordered by Daewoo International has entered the completion step. The construction of public housing ordered by the Papua New Guinea government is also ready for the first shovel.

An official of the company said, “Despite the handicap of local construction company, our success overseas was possible because we had predicted that the domestic construction market would suffer a decline in profits from 7 years ago. We will propel growth on the basis of trusted labor-management relations and accumulated technology.”

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Senmer News Wire: Covington Unveils Brand-New State-Of-The-Art Auto Repair Shop

(Senmer News Wire) Automotive Experts of Kent/Covington now unveils a brand new state-of-the-art auto repair shop focuses on the repair of all European, American, and local vehicle make and models.
Automotive Experts of Kent/Covington | Local Auto Service in Kent WA

Kent, Washington – December 9, 2017 – Family owned auto service center in Kent now unveils a brand new state-of-the-art auto repair shop to deliver the highest quality service from complex car repairs (on all makes and models), to simple auto services such as oil change or tire rotation. Their auto repair technicians in Kent/Covington offer affordable prices, up-front estimates, and easy-to-understand explanations about what care the auto needs.

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While explaining the quality of services, the spokesperson stated, “We are a family owned and operated automotive repair shop, offering complete quality service for all makes and models of European, Asian or domestic vehicles. At our repair facility, we offer the latest in state-of-the-art computerized diagnostics to make sure every automobile gets the care it needs.”

Automotive Experts of Kent/Covington, one of the leading auto repair shops in Kent is equipped with the latest in technology and scanning equipment to service the automobiles. At their auto repair shop in Kent, they offer the latest in state-of-the-art computerized diagnostics to make sure every automobile gets the care it needs. Their auto repair technicians have the experience and training necessary to diagnose problems and fix them right the first time.

The spokesperson finally concluded the meet by stating, “For honest, quality service with affordable, competitive prices, bring your vehicle to state-of-the-art, where your satisfaction is our #1 priority. As a family owned business, personal, friendly service is our foundation, and we strive to make each visit as enjoyable as possible.”

Their certified experts of car repair in Covington use state-of-the-art engine diagnostics to quickly identify and isolate issues, whether minor or complex to save you time and money. Email or call (253) 638-2886 to discuss the auto electrical issues.

About Automotive Experts of Kent/Covington,

Automotive Experts of Kent/Covington, the team of auto repair technicians are certified and equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on domestic, European and Japanese vehicles. For more details, visit

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Senmer News Wire: AC Chain offers to share the Blockchain 3

(Senmer News Wire) “The International Digital Asset Trading Policy Committee Establishment Invitation and Asset Chain A-SDR Issuance Conference”

At 6pm on 8th December, Beijing time, the “International Digital Asset Trading Policy Committee Establishment Invitation and Asset Chain A-SDR Issuance Conference” was held in Shenzhen. Cui Yonggang, the executive vice president of the state council research and development center of China, Meng Chun, the vice minister of the development research center of the state council, Kuba, the Kyrgyz senator as well as other leaders and scholars from all over the world participated in the meeting. At the same time, a meeting of the international digital asset trading policy committee (IDAXC) was held at the same time in London, thousands of miles away. ACChain operates across two countries, which marks ACChain entering a new milestone, ready to shine.

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At the beginning of the conference, President Cui Yonggang and Vice minister Meng Chun delivered a speech, commenting on the development status of Blockchain in China and abroad, as well as giving affirmation to the achievements of ACChain. ACChain has started to create a whole set of digital asset ecological systems after the anchoring of physical assets and the circulation of digital assets, and through the ACChain technology, the international super node local currency ACC laid a solid foundation for the international “basket of digital currencies”. The European IDAXC preparatory round table, which broadcasted live at this meeting, is a new way for digital assets to build a whole ecosystem in the direction of the compliance operations and regulatory inquiries of digital assets.

After ending the interactions at the European conference, the release of the A-SDR fund pushed the meeting to a close, which affirmed the value and status of the ACC, and strengthened the confidence of digital assets to circulate within the world. A-SDR constructs a value measurement system of unified digital assets and an application ecology of digital assets, ensuring the transparency and legalization of global digital finance, and finally realizes socialization to ensure the transparency, legalization and eventual socialization of global digital finance.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Xie Jingsheng, the chairman of the board of directors of the China investment and financing corporation, chaired the roundtable, Among the people present at BBS are Li Guolong, the CEO of Victory Blockchain, Zhou Qijun, the CEO of China dragon coin net digital asset trading platform, Han Bing, the CEO of digital assets registration and clearing Corp., Wu Fei, the cloud technical director of Tencent, etc.. The theme is around “Exploring digital asset operation compliance, transparency and settlement”. This BBS suits the current policy environment, meets the market needs, sticks to the conference theme, and there will be a lot of sparks. It is believed that in the near future, the era of Blockchain led by ACChain will truly enter our lives, solve the problem of digitization, the circulation of assets, bring its benefits to mankind, and enter into an era of new sharing, efficiency, inclusiveness and green Blockchain.

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