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Senmer News Wire press release serviceWhat We do?
Senmer News Wire Offers Affordable Press Release Service, including Professional Press Release WritingSubmission & Distribution service.

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Press Release Writing($10):  You could get one professional PR article with about 500 words. 1 Image or Video (Offer youtube video url) Allowed for basic Plan; and 2 images or video, or 1 image and 1 video allowed for Premium plan.

Press Release Submission & Distribution: 
Senmer News Wire Plan
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If you offer PR article, please refer to this introduction:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhAZpydmA52ZnZDb2hRd1QtNkE/view
Basic Plan Sample Report( $30 to 350+ Media Outlets):   https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhAZpydmA52MUVxeGFrR3ZLN3c/view (Newsworthy Press Release distributed to standard portals which include local news channels and famous blogs)

Premium Plan Sample Report( $45 to 450+ Media Outlets):  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhAZpydmA52b3EyTDN4QUhqejQ/view
(Newsworthy Press Release distributed to standard portals which include local news channels and famous blogs)

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Frequently  Asked  Questions:

1) If I pay to have the press release written what is the turn around time?
Typically my writer’s TAT is 2-4 business days (depending how busy he is). He will then send you a draft for your approval to your email address. If edits are needed, it may take you a day or 2 to finalize your draft. Once the draft is ready, I submit and publish it within 24 hrs (except weekends, as network editors do not work then).

2) I am an SEO company. Can your white label the reports and put my company name, logo and link on them?
Yes, absolutely! We offers white label our reports for many SEO companies. Their clients love the reports and it makes the SEO company look awesome! Here is an example Report.

3) What information will you need?
All we need is your Company Name, Company URL, Company Contact Name, Company Phone, Company Email, and the links you want in the release (3 or less). If you choose our addon to write for you, we will ask for your personal email as well so our writer can send you the draft release, and communicate back and forth with you on edits etc. If you want to provide an image and further details then that is fine. Once you purchase the gig we will explain everything we need.

4) Does your service help in ranking my website? 
Definitely!! press releases to authority news websites will definitely improve your search engine rankings with back links; you get better visibility and traffic online to promote your brand.

5) Will you provide me with the links once my release is published? 
Yes. I will provide you a detailed report with live links on newspaper, radio, and TV news websites along with inclusions on hundreds of blogs and social media platforms.

Contents we do not distribute:

We do not distribute any press release that are product reviews of things like weight-loss products, Forex trading, phone unlocking, social media traffic boost, both proven and unproven medical protocols and alternatives.
The following are some of other topics we do not publish in our distribution and any topic that seems inappropriate along these lines will likely be rejected:
–         Sexually explicit/ adult content
–         Escort services
–         Pharmaceutical products like diet, weight loss, muscle pills and the likes
–         Sexual enhancement supplements
–         Religious and political opinions
–         Use of the word “scam”, “fraud”, etc
–         Online gambling
–         Intent to harm or defame or enact revenge
–         Stock ticker symbols in any form
–         Advertisements
–         Psychic services
–         Electronic cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol

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Senmer News Wire Distribution Network


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Senmer News Wire: Experts Share Knowledge on Overcoming the barriers to finding your dream home

Searching for a new home is an exciting time. You’re seeking a place to enjoy life’s milestones, a place to offer comfort, to start a family and watch it grow. You’re looking for a house that feels like a home. Leslie Henderson , Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Drysdale Properties and Jen McDonald, Director of Business Development, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Drysdale Properties located in Reno, Nevada have shared this journey with clients many times over and have a few tips to share to ensure that you enter your search with clarity to give yourself the best possible opportunity to find the perfect property for you.Senmer News Wire

The search won’t always be easy

If you’re a first-time buyer, you may expect the search to be straightforward. You have a list of requirements, all you have to do is go out there and find a property that ticks all the boxes, right? Unfortunately, it is rarely that simple and can often be a long process. As Jen McDonald wisely warns, “the love at first sight feeling you experience in a property can soon turn into a struggle between your head and your heart”.

Check your expectations

If you’re search isn’t progressing as quickly as you’d hoped, why not step back and check if your expectations are realistic. Leslie Hendersonsuggests that “prolonged searches can often be attributed to a buyer whose wish list is too long, isn’t acting quickly enough or isn’t truly committed to purchasing”.

Look beyond the furniture

Perhaps you wouldn’t use that color paint or choose that wallpaper and maybe those fitted closets are not to your taste, but try and imagine a blank canvas stripped of the unfavorable decor. If it is purely a cosmetic issue it is easily fixed by redecoration.

Choose a great real estate agent

There is ample opportunity to search online these days and you may feel like you don’t need a real estate agent at all. However, using an experienced real estate agent like Jen McDonald or Leslie Henderson ensures you have the best mentor to help you figure out what you really want and a strong negotiator to get you the best property at the lowest price. Quality agents like these have years of experience in matching vendors to buyers and the inside track on properties that haven’t been advertised yet. You might get a foot in the door with a property you didn’t even know was available by taking your search ‘offline’.

Use your list wisely

Jen McDonald’s top tip is to “make a realistic list and stick to it”. It is easy to fall for the charms of an inappropriate property and talk yourself into making an offer only to discover further down the line that you did actually need that extra bedroom or a better proximity to your workplace.

Think of the future

Finally, Leslie Henderson strongly suggests that you look ahead, “a place may work for you today but think of the future and what may happen to the size or your family and the value of your investment”. You may wish to consider schools, number of bedrooms and size of your backyard as well as looking at future development plans for the area.

With these great tips, finding your dream forever home might seem that little bit more achievable.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ignited Results
Contact Person: Kelly Snyder
Phone: 775-636-6787
Country: United States
Website: www.ignitedresults.com

Source: Experts Share Knowledge on Overcoming the barriers to finding your dream home

Senmer News Wire: Charging BackPacks: New Portal on All Things Gadget Backpack

Charging BackPacks is a new website that offers detailed info on the new kind of bookbag. It features reviews of every popular smart backpack with charger to ‘fuel’ any type of mobile gadgets. Best website for everyone who wants to be tech-savvy.

In the US alone 85% of all adults own cell phones and the majority of them have at least one type of other mobile gadgets. As people become more active and tech becomes more portable, the matter of charging becomes extremely pressing. A smart backpack with charger and battery of some type is one of the most useful inventions of the last decade. And from now on, everyone can easily find the best of these ‘devices’ using reviews from https://chargingbackpacks.com. Charging BackPacks is a new website that provides info on the best smart backpacks available. It highlights both pros and cons of every model, so that the buyer can make an educated decision.

Senmer news Wire

Who Needs Charging Backpacks Today?

Simply put, almost everyone will benefit from having a backpack with battery bank. However, millennials definitely need them most as about 70% of them own laptops. With a bag like that, one can charge their device while commuting and be ready to work right away.

Today one can find a laptop charging backpack to fit any lifestyle and even models powered by solar batteries. The latter type is a great help for hikers and those who are dedicated to pro-environmental activities.

A backpack that charges phone is a ‘must have’ for everyone. This matter is especially pressing today as advanced smartphones lose battery charge fast. Yet, people are very active in using them daily, so having to ‘refuel’ the device halfway through the day is quite common. Note that in most cases, charging backpacks will also be able to charge mp3 players, tablets, and virtually anything that feeds from a regular power bank.

What Info Is Provided by Charging BackPacks?

Charging BackPacks is a website created specifically for everyone seeking the best backpack with USB charging port. It might be quite new, but detailed reviews offered on the pages made the site an authority in its field.

Here one can learn about the best backpack with battery bank lasting for up to 96 hours. Some of the models even feature Bluetooth speakers, which means one can get a party started anywhere with a backpack like this.

Charging BackPacks also highlights smart bags with locks that ensure one’s expensive gadgets are secure. Backpacks listed on the website range from stylish bookbags to hiking packs to waterproof shell backpacks. No matter whether one is a city dweller, biker, or an outdoors lover, this website will help everyone find the perfect type of smart bag.

Charging backpacks are a novelty still, but one can easily find reliable reviews of these items online.

Media Contact
Company Name: Charging Backpacks
Contact Person: Charging Backpacks
Email: support@chargingbackpacks.com
Phone: 801-687-2751
Country: United States
Website: chargingbackpacks.com

Source: Charging BackPacks: New Portal on All Things Gadget Backpack

Senmer News Wire: 48 Barriers™ Are Now Happy to Support Various Commercial Companies across USA

48 Barriers™, the national source for new and used concrete jersey barriers are now happy to support various commercial companies across USA.

Liberty, Missouri (getnews) November 14, 2017 – Barriers are an important factor to be considered not only for the construction industry but also for window cleaning or other maintenance work where heights and risks are involved. Protecting the workers not only impacts positively on the company’s safety record but also gives a very positive message to the workers. Understanding the importance of jersey barriers, 48 Barriers™ are now happy to support various commercial companies and channels across USA.

The spokesperson stated, “We are a small family business headquartered in Kansas City, MO and it has been our pleasure to serve commercial customers in the lower 48 states since our beginning in 2003, 14 years and counting. We are happy to support various commercial companies and channels across the USA such as, Construction, Event & Tent, Military, Federal, State, Local, Property Management, Equipment Storage, Traffic and many more.”

As the leading supplier of new and used concrete barriers in Kansas City, 48 Barriers™ are able to deploy concrete barriers in a matter of hours, to ensure the site remains safe and protected. The concrete barriers may be personalized with the client’s company logo to maintain a strong presence. Their commercial products have various applications including: perimeter security, job-site protection, pedestrian traffic, and many others.

The list of main products include: Jersey Barriers (K-Rail, Traffic barrier, highway concrete barrier), water-filled barricades, concrete bin blocks (Ecology Blocks, Bin Dividers, Bunker Blocks), and concrete planters. Water-filled barriers and barricades are portable, and also they minimize damage to vehicles, and are available in various styles. Traffic accessories here include traffic cones, traffic drums, and traffic warning lights.

The spokesperson finally added, “As you browse the 48Barriers.com website you will find these various barriers and barricades, including the water-filled variety, traffic accessories, and other site amenities. Please contact us with any questions regarding our crowd control products at 866-755-3325 – phones answered 24/7.”

About 48 Barriers™,

48 Barriers™ offer the widest selection of quality barriers and barricades that are used to effectively facilitate traffic management and help to get the job done right. For more details, visit https://48barriers.com

Media Contact
Company Name: 48 Barriers™
Contact Person: Bill Van Kirk
Phone: 866-755-3325
Address: 16 Westwoods Drive
City: Liberty
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Website: 48barriers.com

Source: 48 Barriers™ Are Now Happy to Support Various Commercial Companies across USA

Senmer News Wire: Kiss Me Organics LLC Introduces New, Exclusive Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

Kiss Me Organics, a company renowned for its premium quality organic teas, is proud to introduce a brand new product, Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea!
Senmer News Wire

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Kiss Me Organics, a company renowned for its premium quality organic teas, is proud to introduce a brand new product to its inventory, Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea.

“If you’ve never tried Jasmine Dragon Pearls you are in for a treat!” says company spokesperson Meghan Gallagher. “It tastes so sweet and delicious; you’ll instantly fall in love with it. And, it’s so good for you too!”

Jasmine Dragon Pearls is a special blend of green loose leaf tea, infused with real jasmine flowers to give it a delicious flavor and fragrant aroma. Named ‘Dragon Pearls Tea’ because the tea leaves are rolled into balls (called pearls), the product is already receiving plenty of praise from tea lovers the world over.

The health benefits of jasmine green tea are well documented. It contains cancer-fighting antioxidants and is known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As with other green teas, it contains catechins that help with weight loss. Jasmine is also particularly effective in relieving stress, and works to calm the mind, decrease the heart rate and improve the digestive system.

As with all Kiss Me Organics products, Jasmine Dragon Pearls is required to undergo a lengthy and complex infusion process. It is 100% organic and lab-tested, and all lab results are shared openly with consumers. The company works solely with sustainable, organic farms, and donates a portion of its profits to charity.

“This is a product that high-quality tea drinkers will particularly appreciate,” says (name). An incredible amount of effort is put into the manufacture of this tea. We’re so proud to add it to our inventory!”

Kiss Me Organics Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is available through the company’s website at: https://kissmeorganics.com/jasmine_tea

Media Contact
Company Name: Kiss Me Organics
Contact Person: Meghan Gallagher
Phone: 307-201-4813
City: Cheyenne
State: WY
Country: United States
Website: https://kissmeorganics.com/jasmine_tea

Source: Kiss Me Organics LLC Introduces New, Exclusive Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

Senmer News Wire: A Spiritual Hand Prepares to Establish a New Ayahuasca Kitchen

A Spiritual Hand (ASH) is an organization that runs an AyahuascaCenter in Peru where guests are guided in the use of Ayahuasca, a traditional spiritual medicine made up specific types of leaves, vines, and other plants. Ayahuasca is used by the indigenous people of Amazonian Peru in Shamanic and Shipibo ceremonies to promote healing of both mind and body.

A Spiritual Hand is an organization that runs an AyahuascaCenter in Peru where guests are guided in the use of Ayahuasca, a traditional spiritual medicine made up specific types of leaves, vines, and other plants. Ayahuasca is used by the indigenous people of Amazonian Peru in Shamanic and Shipiboceremonies to promote healing of both mind and body.senmer news wire

Through their stay at the retreat, guests have the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual healing by enjoying the multiple Ayahuasca ceremonies and atmospheric life at the ASHA Center. In addition, guests can go on an optional Amazon River boat ride to catch a variety of fish.

Moreover, a new development in the retreat is about to be realized that will further enhance guests’ experience as ASH’s founder Ryan Frechette explains:

“I am so excited about our new project that will change the whole experience making it even more intimate! Our new Ayahuasca kitchen that will be going up soon. You will be able to learn how to brew the special medicine with the Shaman. She will show you how to clean the vine, break it all up, layer the leaves, and strain everything, so now not only will you know exactly what’s in the medicine that you are taking, the best part is she will know the exact intention that went into it when it was being cooked, and in fact it’s your own intention. Then you get to consume your own medicine with the shaman that night. I’m really excited about this new aspect to our program, I believe it will really bring in more of an understanding and connection with the plants at this beautiful retreat making your experience not only safe, personal, and intimate but deeply spiritually-based from old Shipibo traditions.

A Spiritual Hand hosts guests at the ASHA Center in Peru for spiritual retreats. At ASH-AYA retreats, the company’s experienced guides practice original Shipibo traditions and ceremonies in harmony with new age Shamanism. This allows for deep exploration into guests’ specific healing needs and helps them at every stage of their spiritual journey towards finding inner peace, resolving the chaos, freeing the spirit, and learning to be present.

More information can be found at www.aspiritualhand.com

Media Contact
Company Name: A Spiritual Hand
Contact Person: Ryan Frechette
Phone: 323-822-5315
Address: 4121Hill haven Drive
City: Los Angeles
State: CA 90046
Country: United States
Website: http://aspiritualhand.com/

Source: A Spiritual Hand Prepares to Establish a New Ayahuasca Kitchen

Senmer News Wire: Just Divorce Mediation Helps Parents Sort Child Issues before Christmas

Family is an important part of every holiday season, and some families face extra difficulties when it comes to separation and divorce. A lot of organizations advertise solutions to these complicated problems, but few know how to get to the heart of the problem and to really help find a solution. Just Divorce Mediation is an organization that stands above the rest when it comes to helping parents navigate their families during the Christmas season.Senmer News Wire

This organization has many established locations across the UK, and prides itself on providing a beneficial service to families in need. The family mediators of parents help to create an unbiased environment to encourage mutually beneficial decisions and encourage compromise. Their mediators are professional and create a calm and efficient environment for divorcees to discuss any and all problems and possible solutions.

As the company grows, they continue to uphold a strong standard of unbiased family mediators for parents, who are there to help with communication, compromise, negotiation, and simple solutions to the more difficult problems people face. Their tools and services allow for a hassle-free process in which both people can get what they want without having to resort to more complicated or difficult alternatives. This, in turn, eases stress on parents, as well as the rest of the family.

The mediation process isn’t exclusively for family disputes. Financial mediations are also available for those in need of assistance managing the division of investments, assets, mortgages, and all else. This process can be crucial to a family during the holiday season when expenses start to pile up.

Another important service they offer is that mediation can be accomplished regardless of distance. In the case that one or both parties have moved away, each will still be able to have access to mediation through their electronic mediation process, using video calls on a conference platform. This can be valuable during the busy holiday season, when travel and visitation becomes frantic. For some, this service can be more beneficial than a face-to-face meeting, and generally is available for no extra charge.

Divorce is an involved process, and the difficult decisions and obstacles can be upsetting and confusing for children. Just divorce Mediation offers helpful information to educate parents and guardians about ways to emotionally support and ease the stress of divorce on the children of the family. Parents go to any lengths to secure their children’s well-being, and when change becomes inevitable, it’s important to find a trusted service that can help deal with the emotional stress, and make sure that every family remains happy and healthy throughout any difficult times they may be facing.

Media Contact
Company Name: Just Divorce Mediation
Contact Person: Simon Lions
Phone: 01617381041
City: Manchester
State: Manchester M30 1ER
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.justdivorcemediation.co.uk/

Source: Just Divorce Mediation Helps Parents Sort Child Issues before Christmas

Senmer News Wire: Mark Diamond’s Jewelers Is Offering More Diamond and Engagement Ring Choices

Mark Diamond’s Jewelers, an online diamond retailer is now providing customers with a wide assortment of diamond and engagement ring choices.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (getnews) November 13, 2017 – Mark Diamond’s Jewelers in Albuquerque has now revealed a large collection of stylish designs of the elegant wedding bands and rings for brides and grooms. The designs vary, and people can find different styles of diamonds, engagement rings or bands.  There are many unique engagement rings available for sale including designs with swirl and three stone appearances. Many rings come with multiple metallic tones to create an added visual design that makes each diamond unique.

Senmer News Wire
The spokesperson stated, “Mark Diamond’s Jewelers has a wonderful selection of beautiful diamonds. Overseen by our experienced gemologist, all our diamonds are carefully selected to be the best available. We pay careful attention to Carat, Color, Clarity, and most importantly cut. Visit our website to explore our collection and see just how beautiful a diamond can be.”

He also continued, “Whether you choose a brilliant diamond or elegant colored gemstone from Mark Diamond’s Jewelers or whether it is time to update a family treasure, our award-winning design team and Albuquerque diamond jewelers can create the perfect jewelry for your lifestyle. Let us help you turn your unique vision into reality. All jewelry repairs and design work are performed on the premises by our skilled goldsmiths.”

With over 40 years of excellence, Mark Diamond’s Jewelers has helped its customers commemorate special occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays with fine jewelry, engagement rings, diamonds, wedding bands, watches and other special gifts. Excellence in service continues to be a priority throughout all interactions with their customers, community, and within their family of employees.

When asked about the quality of the diamonds they use, the spokesperson said, “Our goal is to provide you with diamonds that will last forever. As the trusted jewelry stores in Albuquerque, we have access to major diamond manufacturers. We hand select the finest cut diamonds especially for our valued clients.”

About Mark Diamond’s Jewelers,

Mark Diamond’s Jewelers is an established third generation jewelry store in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For over forty years, Mark Diamond’s Jewelers has helped its customers commemorate special occasions with fine jewelry, engagement rings, diamonds, wedding bands, watches and other special gifts. For more details, visit http://www.m-diamond.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Mark Diamond’s Jewelers
Contact Person: Michelle Diamond-Reece
Phone: (505) 296-9525
Address: 8000 Paseo Del Norte NE Suite B-1
City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico
Country: United States
Website: www.m-diamond.com

Source: Mark Diamond’s Jewelers Is Offering More Diamond and Engagement Ring Choices